Desire, For her
  • TopDesire "3 months cure"

    Set of 3 items
    Improved women's libido

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  • Topdesire Pack ( capsules + pump )

    Set of 2 items
    Topdesire Pack ( capsules + pump )
    An enhanced libido

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  • Hot Shot Sex Booster

    3 Shots of 20 ml
    Hot Shot Sex Booster
    Stimulates sexual desire

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  • Bois Bandé "3 month cure"

    Set of 3 items
    Bois Bandé
    For 3 months

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  • Bois bandé (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Bois bandé (60 capsules)
    Muira Puama (bois bandé) for Men and ...

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  • Couple's Hot Drink Bois bandé

    Set of 2 items
    Couple's Hot Drink Bois bandé
    Find sexual balance

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  • Couple's Libido Booster pack

    Set of 2 items
    Couple's Libido Booster pack
    Boost your couple’s libido

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  • Hot Drink for women

    Bottle 250 ml
    Hot Drink for women
    Helps stimulate sexual desire

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  • Hot Drink Women Pack

    Set of 3 items
    Hot Drink Women Pack
    For 3 months

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  • Maca (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Maca (60 capsules)
    Aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual ...

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  • Maca Extra Forte "3 months cure"

    Set of 3 items
    Maca Extra Forte
    For 3 months

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  • TopDesire (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    TopDesire (60 capsules)
    Stimulates sexual desire

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  • Libido Caps (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Libido Caps (60 capsules)
    Reboost your libido

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The sexuality of the couple sometimes knows a drop in activity: fluctuating female desire, drop in female libido, frigidity, fatigue and routine ... There are nutritional supplements to stimulate the female desire and boost her sexual desire. Unlike erectile dysfunction in men, the sexual dysfunction of women is more psychological. Complements for women will help them to step back and find pleasure with their partner. Elaborated with natural ingredients, they are effective and powerful solutions to regain desire and a better balance.
Indeed, when you suffer from a libido at half mast, this can lead to questioning, doubts and when it lasts in time, have consequences on your relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to act as soon as the first symptoms appear. And to regain your strength of yesteryear, you can follow a course of supplements. On our online store, you will find a varied selection of aphrodisiacs (TopDesire and Hot Drink) made in France and compliant with French regulations

Effective products to awaken libido 

Like men, women can also suffer loss of desire. Often, this results in a lack of desire to make love. Or, it's harder to have an orgasm. And over time, it often affects the mood and the couple. To remedy this situation, it is therefore possible to take a natural treatment such as aphrodisiacs. If certain foods are known to have such virtues, so are certain plants, vitamins and amino acids. We can cite for example bandaged wood or maca, ingredients that are used by our laboratory during the manufacture of stimulants that we offer on our site. Powerful, they will quickly become your allies to have a better libido and increase your sexual appetite!

A complete offer of natural solutions 

Feeling a drop in libido is never something pleasant, neither for a man nor for a woman. Yet this happens to everyone and it is possible to limit this phenomenon with natural and powerful aphrodisiacs. On our e-commerce store, you have the choice between many references available individually or in pack. For example, you can try our TopDesire sexual stimulant for a period of 3 months and thus, wake up your desire while having more energy. In addition, on certain products, you benefit from discounts or promotional offers. We are also committed to deliver quickly (and discreetly). And if you have any questions about our supplements, the ingredients or if you wish to be advised during your purchases, our team is at your disposal by phone or email. So, do not hesitate to contact us.