Orgasmics gels, For her
  • Stimulating Clitoral Gel (60 ml)

    Bottle 60 ml
    Stimulating Clitoral Gel (60 ml)
    Exciting clitoral gel

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  • TopVirgin 60ml

    Bottle 60 ml
    TopVirgin 60ml
    Vagina-tightening gel

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Orgasmics gels

The libido of women can experience difficult times when desire and even pleasure are no longer at the rendez vous. The rhythm of everyday life, stress and fatigue are often responsible for the decline of sexual desire. During intercourse, the pleasure is not so intense which contributes to a more rare sexual activity. However, there are solutions to spice up your sex life and find pleasure in the reports thanks to intimate gels such as TopDesire gel that stimulates the clitoris or gel TopVirgin that helps tighten the walls of the vagina.


Natural products to intensify the pleasure

The woman knows throughout her life changes that affect her libido. Pregnancies then menopause are all hormonal upheavals that result in vaginal dryness or a decrease in pleasure during sex. Thanks to an orgasmic gel (TopDesire gel) that stimulates the clitoral zone, it is possible to reach orgasm more easily. In addition, a vaginal gel applied daily helps to tighten the walls of the vagina distended after pregnancy.

Products targeted on your expectations

To put an end to the lack of sexual desire and pleasure during the reports, there are natural and effective solutions, adapted to the expectations of each woman. Our products in the form of capsules (Topdesire, Maca) or of drink (HotDrink) act on the desire in itself, of the psychological order therefore, whereas the gels complete their action by acting directly on the intimate zones, stimulated during sex (Gel Topdesire, gel TopVirgin)