Premature ejaculation, For him
  • Delay spray MaxiControl (15 ml)

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    Delay spray MaxiControl (15 ml)
    To delay an ejaculation

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  • Delay Gel (60 ml)

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    Delay Gel (60 ml)
    Control your ejaculation

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    Delay Wipes (6 wipes)
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    Vialis Pro pills (20 capsules)
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  • MaxiControl (60 capsules)

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    MaxiControl (60 capsules)
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    Maxicontrol Complete pack
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  • MaxiControl delay gel (60ml)

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    MaxiControl delay gel (60ml)
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    MaxiControl Delaying Pack (Gel + wipes)
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    MaxiControl Delaying Wipes
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    Delay Caps (60 capsules)
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  • Prolong Gel (75 ml)

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    Prolong Gel (75 ml)
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    Vialis Pro pills (10 gélules)
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Premature ejaculation

There are many reasons that can explain premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Stress, impatience, strong desire, mental blockage ... it varies from one man to another, from one situation to another. Fortunately, today there are ways to deal with simple premature ejaculation problems or to make the pleasure last as long as possible. Discover our range of products that delay premature ejaculation: Among them are creams and gels with delaying effects (MaxiControl delaying gel). These are applied directly to the penis and make your erection last longer. They are therefore very easy to use and can be applied during foreplay for example. A simple solution to make the situation more comfortable.

Effective solutions to improve your endurance

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual disorder: 1 out of 5 men will be affected during his lifetime. This disorder is often badly experienced and often remains taboo. We don't always dare to talk about it, fearing to be questioned about our virility. However, ejaculating too soon is neither a shame nor a fatality. To remedy premature ejaculation, there are natural and effective solutions such as food supplements (MaxiControl) and delaying gels. Gels often have an anesthetic effect that desensitizes the glans, helping to delay and control ejaculation. Your sexual intercourse will last longer and your and your partner's pleasure will increase!

Specific and complementary products to delay premature ejaculation

Our online store, specialized in the sale of food supplements for your sexual well-being, offers a complete range of products to stop premature ejaculation. To have a more fulfilled sexuality, our laboratory has developed several solutions including gels or wipes (MaxiControl wipes) that delay premature ejaculation. Our gels improve the duration of erections thanks to several active ingredients such as peppermint and castor oil. You can also find capsules to be taken as a cure for several weeks. All products sold on our site are Made in France, tested and comply with current European standards. And if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact our team.